Maine Barrel Racing Association

Welcome to the MeBRA Members Page! Here you can find out information on your fellow MeBRA members, and how to contact them. Please send a picture and a small bio about you and your horse or horses! Email contact us and we will include you on the page.

Sharon and Olena

Sharron Kenney

84 Eagle Brook Lane

Brunswick, Me 04011


Email Sharon.

Carolyn Richens

Carolyn Richens

Pittsfield, ME

Stephanie Brownell

Stephanie Brownell

271 East Road

Wales, ME 04280


Email Stephanie.


Sera Charette and Flash of Monmouth, Maine

Betty Dyer & Billy

Betty Dyer

Email Betty.

Chris & Gentry

Chris & Gentry

Email Chris.

Abby and Sticky

Abby Gray

Email Abby.

2005 Junior Barrel Champions, 2005 Junior Pole Champions, 2005 Maine Barrel Champions, 2007 3rd Senior Poles

2007 3rd 1D Pole Bending, 2007 Reserve Maine Barrel Champions, 2007 Maine State Barrel Racing Open 1D Champions

Bill Brownell

Bill Brownell

331 Centre Road

Wales, Me 04280


Email Bill

Nora & Breeze

Nora Freeman & PC Frost Nora Melbec

Nick Morrill

Nick Morrill

Sylvia Morrill

Sylvia Morrill

Samantha Willey

Samantha Cook

95 Back Troy Road,

Troy Maine, 04987 (207) 948-4427

Jodi Merry

Jodi Merry

Alicia Bailey

Alicia Cook

Knox, Maine

(207) 568-7502

Jessica & LC

Jessica Huff & LC

44 Troy Rd Burnham Me 04922 phone: 207 465 5018

Rosena Crossman

Rosena Crossman Email Rosena

Reanna O'Bar

Reanna O'Bar Email Reanna

Sarah Longstaff

Sarah Longstaff: Thorndike: 207-214-1962 Email Sarah

Kristie Shaw-Withee

Kristie Shaw-Withee


KSW Hoof Care Services

Email Kristie

Lindsay Bean

Lindsay Bean


Email Lindsay

Cindy Farrington

Cindy Farrington

Monroe, Maine


Email Cindy

Jamie & Cruizer

Jamie Leeman

Phone: 207-399-0187.

Tanya Ronco

Tanya Ronco, Carmel, ME

Hailey & Koda

Hailey Ronco, Carmel, ME

Katelyn & Perfect Gold Hustler

Katelyn MacMaster

West Gardiner

Mary Etta Cyr

Mary Etta Cyr & Beans

537 Billings Rd.Hermon, ME (207)745-3612

Email Mary Etta

Pam Nichols

Pam Nichols

MeBRA Vice President

Elletta Beal

Elleetta Beal

45 Pond Rd, Bradford ME 04410 322-3609

Caitin H

Caitin Hall

45 Pond Rd, Bradford ME 04410 322-3609

Paula Miller

Paula Miller & Mackey

Unity, ME

Angela Miller

Angela Miller & Missy

Unity, ME

Savanah Miller

Susannah Miller and Miss Dolly

Unity, ME


Melissa Bourgoin

MeBRA Secretary, Phone 207-576-2721 Email Melissa.

Barbara Ward

Barbara Ward

phone: 207-837-7704 Email Barbara.

Amelia Rhoda

Amelia Rhoda & Willow

Burnham, ME


Midori Emerson and Turbo, Bangor, ME

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